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Divorce Arbitration in Los Angeles County

If you’re going through a divorce in Los Angeles County, or plan on getting one in the near future, you should explore all of your options. There are a range of alternate solutions that will give you more control over how your divorce proceeds, including divorce arbitration. It’s important […]

Physical vs. Legal Child Custody in California

In Los Angeles County California family law courts, parents have to create a parenting time and visitation plan for their children when they make the decision to separate or divorce. Parents should make every effort to negotiate this type of critical plan themselves before they take the child custody […]

How is a Subpoena Used in a Los Angeles County Divorce Case?

Legal issues between family members are typically one of the most stressful events a spouse will experience. Just the fact a family court becomes involved in a personal family issue frequently causes high tension between all members in the family. Most family members are reluctant to testify or provide […]

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