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Moving to a Different State After Getting Divorced

Posted by Furman & Zavatsky | Nov 19, 2020

Getting your final divorce decree in California often signals the end to a difficult time in your life, but a much need emotional relief. The divorce process can cause a lot of major changes in your life, especially when children are involved.

It can be a difficult moment for some because it marks the end to a once promising relationship. However, for others, it ends all the anxiety and emotional turmoil that is common with going through the divorce proceedings.

Moving to a Different State After Getting Divorced in California
Moving away after getting a divorce is not always easy, but its a chance at a fresh start in a new environment.

Relocating to another state is a way to put the divorce behind them and make a fresh start somewhere else.

Now that the marriage has finally come to an end, you are free to move on with your life and start over. For many people who are recently divorced, they want to move to a new state because:

  • to be closer to their family;
  • change of scenery and a fresh start;
  • better support system at new location;
  • more stable financial situation for the family;
  • pursue a new career;
  • to get remarried.

Many custodial parents make the decision to move to a different state after a divorce to start over, but moving is not always easy.

To give readers a better understanding of moving to another state after getting a California divorce, our Los Angeles family law lawyers are providing a review below.

Can I Relocate to Another State with My Children?

One of the primary factors in moving to another state is your child custody arrangement. These move-away situations are common after a couple has finalized their divorce and often hotly debated.

Moving to another state if you have sole legal and physical custody will be much easier than if you share custody with your ex-spouse:

  • Sole physical custody gives a parent the final word on where the children live and go to school;
  • Joint custody gives both parents the power to make decisions affecting their children together.
Can I Relocate to Another State with My Children?
Moving to another state after getting divorced is much easier if your have sole physical custody of the children.

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse on moving to another state with your children, then you might end up back in a California family law court.

The parent who wants to move to another state can file for a modification of the existing child custody order , which is requesting court permission to move and for a new visitation plan.

The other parent who is not moving can challenge the modification of child custody request in order to prevent the parent from taking the kids to another state.

Moving to another state after divorce, especially over the objection of the other parent, will typically require a court order under California child custody laws.

This is because a legal custody or visitation agreement is an order from the family court that outlines when the other parent is allowed visitation with their children.

Since moving away would certainly violate the ordered parenting time, it has to be modified before you can move.

It can't be overstated that you should come to an agreement with your spouse on moving the kids, rather than litigating the matter in court. The family courts primary concern is what is in the best interest of the child.

How Can I Help My Children Get Ready to Move?

A challenging aspect of moving to another state after a divorce is getting your children ready for it. You need to remember they are also under a lot of stress.

In many cases, they are losing life-long friends and their school, which is especially true for teenagers.

Keep open communication with your children and keep them involved in the moving process. Ask them questions about what they want and where they would like to attend school.

In other words, keep them in the loop and engage in their desired activities to reduce tension and stress. Keep in mind it will take time for them to adjust to a new environment.

Encourage them to maintain contact with their friends through social media and visit family members as often as possible.

How Can I Prepare to Move to Another State After My Divorce?

How Can I Prepare to Move to Another State After My Divorce?
Moving to another state after getting a divorce in California can often feel overwhelming, but preparation is the key to reducing stress.

Many who are recently divorced wonder if there are any benefits in moving away. They also wonder what type of issues they will encounter and how they can help their children adjust to a new environment.

These are legitimate questions, so we offering some tips below on how to make sure you are prepared to move to another state once your divorce is final.

Moving to another state after a divorce to start a new life can feel overwhelming. One of the factors in reducing stress of the move is preparation.

A crucial first step to prepare is to write down a budget to make sure you are in a financial position to move to another state. Thus, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Be patient as it's takes time to start over;
  • Research the living cost where you are moving;
  • Calculate what exactly you are able to afford;
  • Make cut backs in current spending habits;
  • Figure out what you need to purchase;
  • Expect a change in your group of friends

Also, it would be a good idea to get rid household items you don't need to take with you. Either throw them away of donate to charity.

Finally, don't forget to change your address at the post office and change your name on all your important documents.

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Contact Furman & Zavatsky for Help with a California Divorce
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For many divorced spouses, moving to a different state is an effort to start a new chapter in their life.

If you're considering moving after getting divorced, you need to first consider all the advantages and disadvantages, especially if children are involved.

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