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Is It Too Soon To Call A Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer?

Posted by Furman & Zavatsky | Jul 27, 2017

Are you considering a divorce but not sure? Is it too early to get some advice from a divorce attorney? 

Consulting with a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

The short and easy answer is no! A reputable, ethical divorce lawyer will be able to talk to you about your situation and tell you honestly whether or not it's time to engage a lawyer on a more regular basis.

One of the values of having a lawyer is having a dispassionate adviser – someone who is separated from the emotional turmoil which comes with divorce and who can offer advice at one remove.

Many people think “I'll talk things out calmly and rationally with my spouse, then I'll talk to a lawyer.”

But just as battle plans rarely survive contact with the enemy, rationality rarely survives contact with an irrational spouse, and it is hard to retain that reasonableness when faced with a spouse who has decided they'd prefer not to discuss things rationally.

Divorce Inertia

Few people want to consider the dissolution of their marriage, and when significant marital issues do arise, it's far easier to ignore those issues than to be proactive. If you're considering divorce, however, simply ignoring the issue isn't going to help matters; whatever led you to that consideration is not going to simply go away. Consulting with a divorce attorney does not mean that divorce is inevitable.

In fact, some people find that consulting with a divorce lawyer allows them to get a clearer view of their marriage and to better organize their priorities. Some clients even come to realize that they want to work on strengthening their marriage rather than pursuing divorce.

If you are thinking about divorce, skilled divorce attorneys have exhaustive experience in these matters and can help you to carefully examine the possibility. Whether you follow through with a divorce or not, meeting with an Los Angeles divorce attorney will provide you with a better understanding of your unique situation and your options.

But What If I'm Not Sure?

An attorney isn't a therapist. Your divorce lawyer can help you ease what is often a stressful and painful process. An attorney can help you deal with the division of assets, plan for a discussion about spousal support, and deal with child custody issues. An attorney cannot tell you if reconciliation is possible, if your spouse is having an affair, if anything will ever change. Your attorney's job is to tell you if the way you're handling the divorce is a good idea; you're the one who has to know if the divorce itself is right.

So Doesn't That Mean If I'm Not Sure Yet, It's Too Soon?

Even if you're not sure if divorce is what you want, once it becomes a possibility, it behooves you to think seriously about that possibility. Once a divorce become imminent, things can happen in the heat of the moment that may adversely affect your future.

Once things get to such a point, it is difficult to go back again, and you may find yourself at a disadvantage. Every divorce is unique unto itself, and the elemental factors of each must be balanced against one other. Because everyone's marital situation is different, an initial consultation with an attorney can help address several important issues:

  • Determine what the issues are likely to be;
  • Explain how you can best organize yourself for the future possibility of divorce;
  • Understand how child custody and support work in California;
  • Know whether you should be preparing for a collaborative or a contested divorce;

And just as important as any of those things, an early call can help you determine if the attorney you've talked to is someone who you trust to handle your case. If you decide that divorce is the direction you need to go, you won't have to be making that decision during a time which is already stressful for you; you'll be one step ahead.

Protect Your Rights Going Forward

Ultimately, an experienced family law attorney will help you consider and protect your rights. Only you know if divorce is right for you. If you are even considering the possibility, however, understanding your rights and how your divorce is likely to affect you can be critical to your decision-making process. No divorce is ever easy, but an experienced divorce attorney will help you understand the process, carefully consider your options, and navigate the often-difficult path.

Divorce can be an emotionally draining process, not to mention a complex one. Hiring a reputable, ethical family law attorney can greatly increase your peace of mind about the process.

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