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Family Law

Los Angeles Family Law Lawyer

There are different ways to end marriages in California, such as annulment, legal separation, and dissolution of marriage or divorce. Suppose you are going through the process of divorce or dissolution of marriage.  In that case, you and your spouse must agree on the terms of your divorce case. 

A Los Angeles divorce is the primary practice area under family law. However, it also includes numerous family-related legal matters such as child custody, child support, spousal support, complex property division, contested and uncontested divorce, high-asset, military divorce, etc.

Los Angeles Family Law Lawyer

Suppose you can't agree with your spouse on these legal matters. In that case, it will become a contested divorce, but it does not necessarily mean you will end up litigating the issues in a family law courtroom. Other methods to resolve divorce conflicts, such as mediation and arbitration, often help you find solutions to your family law disputes.

Our Los Angeles family law attorneys understand that every family is unique. Therefore, we will give your case the necessary attention for the best possible outcome. Our California Certified Family Law Specialists are skilled negotiators with over 25 combined years of experience navigating emotional divorce-related issues. 

Suppose you have no choice and end up in a courtroom. In that case, we can guide you through the divorce process. Family law court orders are often modifiable, but judges will prefer the existing order unless there is a significant change in circumstances. Thus, getting the order right the first time is essential. 

Hiring a Los Angeles family law attorney means entering into a partnership to understand your legal issues and goals on divorce, child custody, spousal support, legal separation, paternity, father's rights, restraining orders, or domestic violence issues.

Our law firm can help you navigate the often complex family law process from beginning to end. For example, suppose you have issues related to child custody and domestic violence. In that case, we can deal with it through a child custody hearing. In addition, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys will provide legal representation to effectively petition the California family law courts to resolve any conflict areas. 

Dealing with legal issues that have a direct life-altering impact on the entire family, such as dissolution of marriage, spousal support, child custody, and support, and division of assets and property, you need to have an attorney on your side who has experience in all type of family law matters in Los Angeles Courthouses.

Family Law Practice Areas

The term “family law” covers a wide range of practice areas in California that are often complex legal matters. These, of course, include the main categories of divorce, alimony, and child custody. However, family law issues include a long list of other crucial categories directly related to divorcing couples. Our Los Angeles family law attorneys have experience in the following areas:

Our Los Angeles family law attorneys have extensive legal experience. We can help you through the management of complex divorce cases along with emotional child custody proceedings. Our legal experts work together to cover all aspects of a family case.

What is a Marriage Dissolution? 

Getting a divorce involves deciding on dividing property and assets, which often becomes a hotly debated issue. Our family law attorneys will defend your position and always seek the best possible resolution. You must get everything they are entitled to under California law.

Getting a divorce often involves spouses disagreeing on the final terms and will need a family court to get involved and make decisions on child custody, child support, spousal support, and other divorce-related issues.

However, a marriage dissolution means the spouses can work out the terms independently without the family law court getting involved. In other words, the divorcing couple reached an agreement on important issues before they filed a divorce petition. These issues include the following:

  • property division,
  • child visitation,
  • debts, dividing assets, and 
  • which parent the children will live with.

We will guide you through your legal options and answer any questions about decisions that could impact your family's future. For example, suppose you need a child custody attorney or a divorce lawyer or attempt to prove paternity and collect child support. Suppose you are unsure of everything involved with the pending dissolution of your marriage.

In that case, our Los Angeles family law attorneys at Furman & Zavatsky will protect your legal rights and ensure that your best interests are top priorities.

Child Custody and Support 

When divorcing couples can't agree on dividing their children's time, involving a Los Angeles family court to make crucial child custody decisions is often necessary.

You must have legal representation from a family law lawyer who is well-versed in California family laws and familiar with judges in the local court.

We have extensive experience representing spouses in child custody cases. All family law court judges will decide on child custody based on the child's best interest. Therefore, we must deliver a strategic approach requiring careful research and planning.

We must provide the court with accurate information on the extent of your involvement with your children and how much time each parent shares in their child's life. We need to be able to make a persuasive argument that you are the principal caregiver of your children and should be awarded primary or sole custody.

Child support means holding a parent responsible for the financial well-being of their children, and payments are paid from one parent to the other to help the primary caregiver with the cost of raising their children.

Often, the parents can reach an agreement on the amount of child support payments, but a family court can order it after a review of the financial situation of both parents. We have a track record of success obtaining child support payments either through a negotiated settlement or by order of a family court judge.

Notably, while child support payments are typically determined using a complex formula using a wide range of factors, judges still retain some discretion while making final awards for support.

Suppose you are in a situation where it has been a struggle to get child support payments from your ex-spouse and needs some assistance with enforcing the court order. Suppose you need to seek an increase in child support based on a change in circumstances.

Suppose you need to locate and test a father to prove paternity because they are legally obligated to provide financial support under California law. In that case, you must have legal representation to resolve any disputes. 

What is the Role of a Family Law Lawyer?

Family law attorneys primarily focus on divorces and related matters, such as child custody and prenuptial agreements. Their primary role will depend on the needs of their client, such as the following:

  • Create prenuptial and postnuptial agreements;
  • File for a California divorce;
  • Respond to a divorce petition;
  • Complete all divorce-related paperwork;
  • Assist in divorce mediation;
  • Represent the client in court during the divorce process;
  • Negotiate the terms of a divorce;
  • Help you accomplish your divorce goals;
  • Litigate during a divorce trial;
  • Provide legal advice and guidance.

Your Los Angeles family attorney will advocate for your best interest during the often complex legal process, such as a child custody battle in court or a high-asset divorce case.

Certified Family Law Specialist

Our Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) has received additional education, passed a written examination, and been evaluated by their peers and the State Bar of California to prove that we have the knowledge and experience to be certified as an expert in the area of family law.

This means we are legal professionals qualified to handle the most complex family law cases. When you retain a Los Angeles Certified Family Law Specialist, you will have someone highly trained and more experienced than other family lawyers. This means you can be confident in their abilities and will be able to create unique solutions to complex issues.

Suppose you seek to modify a child support or alimony order, enforce an existing order, or fight for child custody in court. In that case, a CFLS can often give you a better chance of successfully making it through the legal process.

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Our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping clients in Los Angeles County navigate the divorce and family law process. We understand that divorce and other legal issues can be unique and often require creative solutions to meet your goals. 

Our Los Angeles divorce attorneys have a track record of success. We will give you personal attention and help you navigate through the process. Our law firm is committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct and will represent your family's best interest. 

We understand divorce and family law matters are unique and often require a customized strategy to achieve the best possible outcome on your case.

Our family law lawyers will focus on your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. We know divorce is stressful and can quickly divide your entire family. Our job is to provide you with superior legal representation for your best interest.

At Furman & Zavatsky, our experienced Los Angeles family law attorneys are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers dedicated to our clients.

If you need legal assistance with divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, or any related California family law matter, contact us for a free consultation. 

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Family law disputes have the potential to have a significant impact on your quality of life and overall happiness. As a result, it is critical for you to protect your rights to the fullest extent possible when involved in a dispute related to family law. The lawyers of Furman & Zavatsky have the skill and experience to resolve your case as favorably as possible and provide compassionate and understanding legal counsel and representation. We also offer flat fee legal services for divorce and family law issues.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our Los Angeles divorce attorneys, call our office today at 818-528-3471. Read our blog on how to prepare for your first meeting with a divorce lawyer.

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