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Collaborative Divorce

Los Angeles Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are hard on entire families. They are often expensive and emotionally draining, but there are ways of handling a divorce that can make the process less taxing on everyone involved. Depending on the relationship you have with your spouse and the circumstances surrounding your split, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce.

Collaborative practice is a voluntary out-of-court process that you and your spouse can use to resolve the legal, financial and emotional issues of your divorce or separation. Each spouse is represented by collaboratively trained lawyers.

Los Angeles Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

In other words, it's a consensual dispute resolution process that helps divorcing couples to solve their differences in private, rather than going to a Los Angeles family court.

In order to help with a peaceful resolution to your divorce, you can also benefit by using financial specialist and mental health professionals. There are many reason why using the collaborative divorce process could be the right choice for your family.  It's typically less expensive and faster than a traditional litigated divorce.

There is no court, meaning you have greater control over the outcome and able to better address the needs of your children. It's a non-adversarial approach to reaching an agreement by working cooperatively with your spouse towards a divorce resolution.

Rather than taking your divorce case to a family law court, you and your spouse can agree to settle the terms of your divorce privately with the help of your lawyers. In this type of compromise, it can help limit the negative emotions often associated during the divorce process.

With the help of a well-versed collaborative divorce attorney in Los Angeles and the cooperation of your soon to be ex, you could pursue easier alternative divorce options.

To give readers a better understanding of a collaborative divorce, our California divorce attorneys are providing an overview below.

What is a California Collaborative Divorce?

Instead of going through the traditional court process of getting divorced, some couples are electing to use a method that utilizes the alternatives of mediation and collaboration instead. Commonly referred to as a collaborative divorce, this strategy requires the agreement and participation of each spouse.

A collaborative divorce generally consists of several meetings between you, your Los Angeles collaborative divorce attorney, your spouse, and their attorney. Some of the meetings may also involve professional arbitrators or mediators.

During this process, the spouses can reach agreements that are in the best interests of all involved, including any children they may have. A judge will not make the decisions for them; collaboratively, they will make them together, which gives them more control over their lives after the divorce is finalized.

At the beginning of the collaborative divorce process, the attorneys for each party agree to withdraw from the case should negotiations be unsuccessful. If the couple decides to move towards their options for a traditional divorce, they will each need to hire a new divorce lawyer. In this way, collaborative divorce strongly incentivizes the parties to reach an out-of-court agreement.

What Couples Should Expect During a Collaborative Divorce

The basis of a collaborative divorce is that neither party will pursue litigation. Together, they will work towards agreements that are in the best interests of everyone who is involved.

They will collaborate regarding the division of assets, child custody, child support, alimony, and any other issue that needs to be settled for the divorce to be finalized and everyone to move forward with their lives.

It is imperative that each spouse has their own Los Angeles collaborative divorce lawyer who is well-versed in the process. The attorneys can help in hiring other professionals that may be necessary for the collaborative divorce process.

Each party will also have their own psychologist, and they will likely share the services of a financial specialist who is usually an accountant who will help resolve the economic dissolution of the marriage, and perhaps an appraiser.

If the couple has children, the collaborative divorce process will also involve a child life specialist. Both parties share the cost of these services. Furthermore, children are not generally involved in the collaborative divorce process. With the assistance of their attorneys and other professionals, their goal is to craft a settlement that will work best for the children without involving the children in its creation.

For a collaborative divorce to work, each spouse must agree to a complete disclosure. No information can be hidden or manipulated during the collaboration process. Before consenting to a collaborative divorce, each party should contact a collaborative divorce lawyer in Los Angeles to find out if this route is right for their situation and family.

What are the Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce?

When used correctly, a collaborative divorce can be extremely effective. The environment is safe and non-adversarial, allowing each party to communicate their needs and wants in a non-threatening way.

During such a divorce process, it is more likely for solutions that work for both spouses to be found and for each spouse to be a successful co-parent in the future. A well-crafted collaborative divorce will benefit the couple and any children they have for possibly the rest of their lives.

Successful collaborative divorces respect the needs of everyone involved and can often resolve the issues faster than going to court.

One significant benefit of a collaborative divorce is that the process is usually over sooner. Without court-imposed timelines or waiting while the divorce goes through the traditional legal channels, a collaborative divorce process can work at the pace of each spouse, relieving them of any pressures of time.

Consult with a Collaborative Divorce Attorney

If you are considering getting a divorce, but not sure you and your spouse will be able to make an agreement on final divorce terms, then contact our law firm to get more information on the collaborative law process.

Our Certified Family Law Specialists are experienced and can help you obtain the desired results in your divorce. We know how to negotiate the best possible settlement in your divorce case.  We need to first review your case and discuss the collaborative law process. If a collaborative divorce is a process you and your spouse want to explore, we are here to help you determine if it might work for you.

We can explain in-depth how the process works and what you can expect if you opt for a collaborative divorce.  Call our office or use the online contact form to schedule your consultation with one of our attorneys.

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