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Client Reviews –¬†Furman & Zavatsky LLP

Our Los Angeles family law and divorce attorneys specialize in a wide variety of divorce related issues, including child custody, child support, divorce mediation, executive divorce, law enforcement divorce, legal separation, spousal support, uncontested divorce, among others. Our divorce lawyers continue to achieve successful case results for our clients as we work aggressively to obtain the best possible outcome. See what our prior clients have posted below.

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Excellent divorce attorney. In September 2015 I decided I had to end my 12-year marriage. I didn’t know any attorneys and I found Mariya Furman by doing an online search for divorce attorneys near my home. I called the office and was given a consultation appointment right away, which I really appreciated because with a decision as big as divorce, I didn’t want the added stress of waiting days on end to speak with an attorney. I met Mariya and knew instantly I wanted to work with her. She was down to earth, kind, and obviously very knowledgeable about California divorce law. She answered all my questions and told me exactly what to expect. Divorce is an emotional undertaking, to say the least, and there were some very stressful moments with my spouse during the process. I feel very lucky to have had Mariya representing me because she not only negotiated a very fair settlement for me, she also wisely counseled me against engaging in a bickering letter exchange that my spouse tried to bait me into. In other words, she helped me put the practical and wise over the emotional and angry. My divorce became final in May 2016, only 7 months after I filed, which is pretty impressive considering my spouse adamantly refused to even move out when I first filed. I’m very grateful I found Mariya because she really made the process as easy as possible, frankly much easier than I thought it would be. Her paralegal, Jennifer Rodriguez, is great too. Very smart, helpful, great attitude. I really appreciated that Mariya was so easy to talk to, patient with all my questions, and always returned my calls promptly. A great attorney and a very nice person. I highly recommend her.


Ms. Furman is a professional who brings levelheadedness and ethics that is much needed in this, and any industry. I needed legal help with a post divorce matter which did not require litigation. My objective was to work with a sensible attorney who understands the nuances of the issues at hand, and who can navigate through the legal maze related to my specific case. The right attorney had to be alert, effective, and as I am sure everyone can relate to this: less inclined to run up a big bill. I am glad to report that Ms. Furman met all of these objectives and then some. I found ms. Furman to be honest, responsive, effective, knowledgeable, and ethical.


Ms. Furman did an excellent job helping me through a difficult divorce case. She helped me with a very difficult divorce case involving multiple businesses and complex issues. She is an excellent attorney and I would recommend her to any client. I really liked her aggressive approach opposing counsel. She worked quickly towards amicable and expedient resolution, which meant less attorneys’ fees and a happier client.


Ms. Furman handled my case with professionalism and kept me informed throughout the process. I was very worried before I talked to her and she calmed me down and kept me informed at all times. She got me a great disposition and kept me out of jail. What I appreciated most was that she helped me after the case was over in explaining my obligations to the court and guiding me through the post conviction process. The last lawyer I had wouldn’t return my calls after I pled in court.


Mr. Zavatsky is a caring attorney who is extremely professional at his job. He helped me through a very stressful divorce case. He got me a 3 year restraining order. I would definitely refer him to anyone who needs an attorney. He was very helpful and explained the court process every step of the way. I felt comfortable explaining every issue I had. He was very understanding and very legally supportive.


Furman & Zavatsky Law Firm is outstanding. I hired them nearly a year ago to help me with my domestic violence case. They fought tirelessly for me. They are professional and really know the law. I really liked how they always quickly returned my calls. Mr. Zavatsky was very nice and courteous and kept me updated on my case. I would recommend to anyone looking for an excellent lawyer. Thank you to this law firm.


Mr. Zavatsky did a great job helping me regain custody of my child. He helped me regain custody of my child. He paid close attention to my worries, and situation with my husband. Then he gave me an analysis of how he could help me get my son back, and get spousal support from my ex-husband. I really liked how he always quickly returned my phone calls and kept me updated. Good attorney. Thank you so much Mr. Zavatsky for your kind help and support!!

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