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property division

Can You Sell Your Home During a Divorce?

When couples decide it’s time to divorce in California, their marital home is usually the most crucial asset to distribute in the divorce settlement. Frequently, spouses ask us if they can remain living in the house, keep ownership, or have to sell it?  Since the issue of selling or keeping […]

Transmutation Agreements in a California Divorce

Since California is a community property state, all property acquired by a spouse during the marriage is community property under Family Code 760.  This means if you are are married and living in California, any property acquired during marriage is considered half property of each spouse, including income, a […]

Separate Property in a California Divorce

You built a life and a home with your spouse, but now the time has come to divide that life and home. Divorce is often an emotionally and logistically complicated process, causing many to seek the services of a well-versed divorce attorney in Los Angeles. One of the complexities and […]

Dividing Employee Benefits in a California Divorce

One of the major concerns in any divorce – second only to child custody concerns – is how your community property (also known as marital property) will be divided between you and your divorcing spouse. While the division of some assets is fairly straightforward, many people have concerns when […]

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