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domestic violence

Can Domestic Violence Impact Spousal Support?

Domestic violence in a marriage often plays a significant role in why a couple gets divorced. In many cases, the abusive spouse was arrested and a restraining order was issued against them that prohibited contact with their victim spouse. A common question our family lawyers receive in the category of […]

Domestic Violence in a California Divorce

If your California divorce involves domestic violence, it is a devastating situation, and you need all the help and support that you can find. Violence is never an acceptable response to any situation, and your first priority should always be to keep yourself and your children safe.
Violence is not […]

Role of Criminal Charges on Determining Child Custody

Understanding How Criminal Charges Can Impact Child Custody Decisions in Los Angeles County Family Law Courts
Child custody cases in Los Angeles County will frequently become very controversial when both parents start making allegations against each other. Too often, this type of strategy is used with the belief it will […]

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