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child support

Child Support Arrears in California

Litigating child support arrears is a common issue in Los Angeles family courts. After a court creates an order for a parent to pay child support, they are expected to make the payments. However, it’s very common for a parent to fail to make the child support payments pursuant […]

Termination of California Child Support

If you were ordered by a family law court judge to pay child support, or through a child support agreement, you have to make regular payments described under the terms. If there has been a significant change in circumstances, you could ask the court to modify the child support […]

What Happens to Child Support if I Remarry?

Remarriage is quite common in America. A report by the United States Census Bureau reveals that approximately 50 percent of new marriages involve one spouse who was previously married and that 42 million American adults have been married more than once. Many people who have already experienced a divorce have […]

Can Parents Agree to Waive California Child Support?

Every divorce is utterly unique to the couple and the circumstances involved. While most divorces that involve children focus on hammering out child custody arrangements and child support payments, this is not true of all such divorces.
Some couples find themselves in situations in which they choose to forego child […]

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