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child custody

How Can You Prepare for a Child Custody Investigation?

If there is a dispute over which parent should have physical custody of the children, the California family court could appoint an investigator from Family Court Services to the case. Their responsibility is to conduct a child custody investigation similar to a “730 custody evaluations” defined under California Evidence […]

What Are Change in Circumstance Modifications?

In the state of California, a common type of post-judgment modification occurs when an ex-spouse wants to change a court order after the final divorce judgment regarding child custody, child support, visitation, and spousal support (alimony). It’s important to note that in order for a court to change an […]

Can A Child Choose Their Custody Arrangement?

Getting a divorce is difficult, especially when there are children involved in the marriage. Both parents have contributed heavily to the well-being of their children and have a close emotional bond. When spouses decide to get a divorce and child custody becomes an issue, you better get help from an […]

Can Marijuana Use Affect Child Custody?

In January 2018, the use of recreational marijuana for adults (21 and older) in the state of California became legal. However, there are still significant limitations that are especially relevant to the crucial issues of child custody.
Even though recreational marijuana use is legal, it could still affect child custody.
When […]

How Can I Defend a Child Custody Modification Request?

A child custody order in a California divorce is not permanent. Until your child turns 18-years old, either parent could submit a petition to the family law court to modify the prior custody award. This includes a situation where the current child custody award was negotiated during the divorce settlement […]

Making False Allegations in Child Custody Cases

When a couple decides to get a divorce, they will normally have to reach several compromises during the divorce process. In some divorces involving children, this routine process will often turn into a heated emotional battle. In the California family court system, judges will always follow the rules of what […]

Can a Custodial Parent Move Away With Their Child?

Getting a divorce is difficult for the entire family, especially when children are involved. If your divorce has been finalized in California, you might be considering relocating with your child. However, it may not always be that easy as the court might decide that relocation is not in the best […]

Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Child Custody Case

Being a parent is normally one of the most rewarding experiences in your life, but it can also be extremely challenging. When parents decide to get a divorce, it often affects their relationship with their children, especially in a situation when there is a bitter and complex child custody […]

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