What Is a Protective Order in a California Divorce?

Under the best circumstances, divorce is complicated and trying. If your divorce involves a protective order against your spouse, the situation is even more difficult. Having an order of protection filed during a California divorce can severely complicate an already sensitive matter and places the spouse who is the target […]

California Family Code Section 2030 – Attorney Fee Orders

Family disputes can be expensive. Few lawyers work for free, and many divorces are complicated, requiring the use of expert witnesses, forensic accountants, and other professionals, all of whom charge fees for their work.
California lawmakers want to ensure both spouses in a divorce are afforded equal access to legal […]

How Spouses Can Divide Property in a California Divorce

Getting a divorce is stressful and navigating through the process is often complex. California is a community property state that considers assets (including income) obtained while married as part of the community estate. Generally, upon divorce, the couple divides the community estate 50/50. This often proves difficult to accurately […]

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