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How to Emotionally Prepare for a Divorce

Getting a divorce is rarely easy and one of the most difficult parts of coming to terms with the pending divorce is often just managing the painful emotions and preparing yourself mentally for what’s ahead. This emotional rollercoaster is even worse when there are children involved that will be […]

What Are Change in Circumstance Modifications?

In the state of California, a common type of post-judgment modification occurs when an ex-spouse wants to change a court order after the final divorce judgment regarding child custody, child support, visitation, and spousal support (alimony). It’s important to note that in order for a court to change an […]

Understanding Spousal Support Awards in California

Spousal support, which is also called alimony, is a court ordered requirement that one spouse pay the other a certain amount of money each month. Spousal support can only be awarded by a California family court after a spouse files a civil claim in court. Clearly, most spousal support awards […]

Can A Child Choose Their Custody Arrangement?

Getting a divorce is difficult, especially when there are children involved in the marriage. Both parents have contributed heavily to the well-being of their children and have a close emotional bond. When spouses decide to get a divorce and child custody becomes an issue, you better get help from an […]

How Does Remarriage Affect Spousal Support?

When spouses get divorced in California, the family court will often order one spouse to pay spousal support to the other, which is known as “alimony” and described under California Family Code 4300. If the spouse who is receiving alimony get remarried, the spouse who is paying their support typically […]

Vocational Examination In Divorce Cases

In many California divorce cases, one spouse has a huge financial advantage over the other, especially when the marriage lasted longer than 10 years and one spouse was unemployed for the duration. In this type of situation, a request for spousal support will normally be granted by the court […]

How Should I Divorce a Narcissist?

A divorce is normally a difficult life-changing event for most couples. In additional to the cost of the divorce, there is the added pressure of making crucial settlement decisions with your spouse. When your spouse has psychological issues such as narcissism, then the divorce process becomes far more challenging.
If […]

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