What Is a Summary Dissolution Divorce in California?

If you are seeking a divorce in California, there are generally two ways it can be accomplished. The first is through the regular dissolution of the marriage, which requires intervention by and an appearance in California’s family courts. The second is called summary dissolution, which is a shorter, less […]

How Will a California Court Divide Our Property in a Divorce?

Understanding the Property Division Law in a California Divorce Case
In community property states such as California, each spouse is considered an equal partner in the marriage, meaning that upon dissolution, each spouse is automatically considered the owner of 50% of all property acquired during the marriage. For example, if your […]

How Do Courts Decide Alimony in Los Angeles?

What Factors Do Los Angeles Family Law Courts Use to Determine Alimony?
Alimony – or “spousal support” – is often a key issue in divorce proceedings. Many people’s idea of alimony is stuck in the 18th century, believing that alimony is a payment from a husband, to a wife, for […]

Child Move Away Cases in California

Can I Move to Another City with My Child?
Any change of residence for a Californian in a co-parenting situation requires notice to the other parent. But a “Move-Away” situation arises when one parent wants to relocate not just across town or two towns over, but far enough away that […]

How Social Media Can Affect Your California Divorce

Understanding Social Media Use and Divorce Cases in Los Angeles County
We live in a world which has been profoundly impacted by social media. Twenty years ago, social media didn’t exist; today, 81 percent of the US population uses one form of social media or another. Especially in media-savvy Los […]

Is It Too Soon To Call A Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer?

Are You Considering a Divorce But Not Sure? Is It Too Early To Get Some Advice From A Divorce Attorney?
The short and easy answer is no! A reputable, ethical divorce lawyer will be able to talk to you about your situation and tell you honestly whether or not it’s […]