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Monthly Archives - April 2022

What are Preliminary Financial Disclosures in a Divorce?

In a California divorce, preliminary financial disclosure is a list of marital assets and debts from each spouse to the other before the divorce proceedings get started in a family law court. Spouses must provide an accurate list of all their assets and debts to make settlement negotiation easier […]

Can You Buy a New Car in the Middle of a Divorce?

When you have decided to get a divorce, then many agreements with your spouse will need to be made in the coming months. The critical issues include child support, child custody, spousal support, and property division. However, the most crucial decisions involve what is in the best interest of […]

Is Your Work Bonus Money Considered Income in a Divorce?

We are sometimes asked if an end-of-the-year work bonus is considered income and must be shared with my spouse in a California divorce? In other words, will a bonus be considered income to determine support obligations? It’s pretty common for divorcing couples to deal with fluctuating income or work bonuses […]

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