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Monthly Archives - May 2020

Steps to Rebuild Your Finances After a California Divorce

A divorce will typically impact your finances in a many different ways. While some of negative impacts can be minimized or avoided by strategic planning during the divorce process, it’s common for divorced spouses to face a much more substantial financial strain than anticipated. Getting a divorce is an expensive […]

Terminating Parental Rights in California

The decision to terminate a person’s parental rights is one of the most serious that a family court can make. Whether your rights are being threatened or you need the court to remove the other parent’s rights, you will need excellent support during this time. In addition to your […]

What Does Best Interest of the Child Mean in California?

In California, as in many jurisdictions, courts are supposed to make judgments based on a legal standard called the “best interest of the child.” While this is certainly a noble pursuit, it’s also vague and open to interpretation. This standard has a couple of guiding principles that has to be […]

The 730 Child Custody Evaluation in California

California family courts strive to decide in the best interest of the child when custody issues arise. However, it can be difficult for a judge to know what’s in the child’s best interest from the brief interactions they have with the family. A process known as a 730 evaluation […]

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