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How to Get an Annulment of Marriage in Los Angeles County

Ending a marriage is a major life decision with far-reaching ramifications for everyone involved. The process can be long and trying and is often emotionally draining. Despite these challenges, it’s critical to act carefully and deliberately to ensure the best outcome at each step along the way.
If you are […]

When Are Drug Tests Used in a Child Custody Case?

The stress of a child custody case is enormous. Even the most harmonious and successful marriages can encounter difficulty when the added pressure of raising a healthy child is factored into the equation. Unfortunately, not all marriages succeed, and when a marriage is legally terminated in Los Angeles County, […]

What is a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in California?

The legal term “dissolution of marriage” simply refers to the ending of a marriage through legal proceedings. In other words, it’s the same as divorce, but a modern sounding term with a no-fault approach to terminating a marriage. Like most states, a divorcing couple in Los Angeles County can […]

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