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What Happens to Pension Plans in a Divorce?

Getting a divorce is a stressful event. However, while you’re going through the difficulty of a divorce process, you still need to make wise financial decisions regarding property division that you and your spouse have accumulated during marriage. Typically, retirement savings are one most valuable assets you possess. Therefore, […]

How to Protect Yourself While Your Divorce is Pending

Whether your decision to divorce is a sudden or a long-expected event, there are specific steps you need to take from the beginning of the divorce process to protect yourself, your children, and your finances. Clearly, this is not to suggest you need to empty your bank accounts and remove […]

Can You Get Spousal Support in California?

Unlike most states, California allows not only spousal support in the case of a divorcing married couple, but also domestic partner support for long-time partners who never married. In either case, though, there are certain requirements. It’s important to keep in mind that spousal support is synonymous with the […]

Common Issues in Los Angeles Child Custody Cases

It’s a common belief that contested child custody litigation is not always in the best interest of the children. This can certainly be true, when divorce and child custody become a major issue. If both parents can reach a reasonable settlement, why should they let a Los Angeles family […]